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H/T to my good friend LL for this link.

Head over to and check out a really good story on GEN (ret) McChrystal and how he has settled into his new job as a Professor at Yale. It was good to read that he appears as down to earth as a Professor as he did as a military leader.

McChrystal said the first day was easy. Of course, as with any new job, he had to learn where to go, what to do, how to talk. He needed to learn the location of his office and classroom (conveniently, right across the hallway).

According to Knight, the most difficult part of the first day as his student was the first few minutes before he entered the room. She likened the experience to her first day of former British prime minister Tony Blair’s “Faith and Globalization” class.

“When General McChrystal or Tony Blair walks in for the first time your heart just kind of stops for a second and you’re like, ‘Wow. This is someone that I admire,’” she said. “He knows a lot more than we do, and I certainly respect him for that, but at the same time I don’t feel so awed by star power that I am unable to ask questions because he’s presented himself as someone really accessible … This is one of the most pleasant and cohesive groups of people that I’ve sat in a room with.”

Knight said McChrystal began the first class by shaking each person’s hand and then asking them to go around the table and introduce themselves. He learned their names almost immediately.

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  1. A comment on “If you care about what is happening in the land where the attacks of 9/11 were planned…”
    Mr. Bouhammer, I respectfully disagree. All evidence points to the 9/11 attacks being planned in Tel Aviv, with plenty of help from McLean, VA.
    Afghanistan has been attacked for private profit so that a pipeline can be built, and as you know, so that drug production could be re-continued.
    F. Sanford.

    1. Oh Mr. Sanford, you have my interest. Please do share this “evidence”. I will reserve my judgement of your statement until I have a chance to see what you present.

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