A hearty Congratulations to Tim, Sebastian and everyone else involved with the making of RESTREPO for being nominated for an Oscar today in the Best Documentary category. In case you missed it I had written about RESTREPO on this blog a few times to include when I wrote about he screening that I did for the movie at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY last summer. After that screening, film-maker Tim Hetherington and SGT Brendan O’Byrne from the movie conducted a Q&A session with the audience. Those reviews and postings can be found at http://bouhammer.com/2010/07/movie-review-restrepo-part-i/, http://bouhammer.com/2010/07/restrepo-part-ii/http://bouhammer.com/2010/07/restrepo-part-iii/, and http://bouhammer.com/2010/07/videos-from-restrepo-qa-session/.

I wish Tim and Sebastian all the luck I can and hope they take home the prize.