Bowe Bergdahl shows up again

It appears that Bowe Bergdahl may still be alive. Bowe disappeared from his unit (1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regt, 4th BCT, 25th Infantry Division) on June 30th, 2009 when he walked off his base. Yes that is truly what happened. He voluntarily left his base and ended up in the enemies hands by surprise. Regardless of why he left and that he did, he is still an American and until he confesses that he went over to the other side, I would hope that our forces are still doing all they can to bring him back into our control. I am sure he is a priority on someone’s agenda, but it does not appear that a lot has been done to expend all resources to get him back. 

In the video released by the Intel Center, Bowe appears to show up and looks in rough shape. I guess that should not be a surprise as it is not like he is staying at the Four Season’s somewhere in the Ak-Pak region. 

Without a doubt, this video is encouraging to Bowe’s family as they hold on to all hopes and prayers that he is returned safely and soon. Check out a snapshot from the video and read the whole story HERE.


3 thoughts on “Bowe Bergdahl shows up again”

  1. I read that today, and wondered how he fell off my radar. What a heartbreak for the family, not knowing for this long. Anyway, I sure hope he makes it through.

  2. Bowe did not walk off his post . Please will you do his family and friends a favor and help get the word out To Get Bowe Home ?
    Thank you

    1. Dondi,

      I have to disagree. I know people that were there. People I trust and have served with. I stand behind the fact that he walked off. However that doesn’t mean he should not be home. He needs to be home, I just wish certain military leaders would have acted right after he was taken. He may have been home a long time ago had they.

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