Blogger’s Roundtable with COL Randy Newman

The folks at DOD PAO had another decent Blogger’s Roundtable that I decided to participate in. It was with Marine Colonel Randy Newman who was the Commander of RCT-7 in Helmand Province Afghanistan. In this roundtable He discussed his leadership experience in Afghanistan and combat and civil operations there. He also discussed the work his Marines did and the challenges that remain.

I had the chance to ask him two questions. One was about the good news story of the turn-around of Nawa district and the other was about Marine amputees being deployed under his command. Nawa was a very nasty area when the RCT first moved into Helmand and was always on the news with a lot of death and destruction. Many of our brave Marines have lost their lives there. However you never hear about it anymore because it has been completely secured and turned around. I asked the Col about his engagement of PAOs and his work to get the message out about how they secured that area.

I have had a lot of interest on this blog about my stories of wounded warriors going back into combat, especially amputees. So I wanted to ask about that.

The other bloggers also has some very good questions that they asked of the Col. so be sure to listen to the whole clip. The entire roundtable only took 30 minutes or so.

Listen by clicking below


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