Tonight at 9PM EST the critically acclaimed documentary, RESTREPO will air in its entirety on National Geographic Channel. I have talked about RESTREPO several times on this blog not only in reviewing it but also in the Screening that did of the movie at the New York State Museum. You can see all the posts I have written about the movie, to include 3 separate posts in review of it at

Last week I received an advance screener DVD of the movie that will air tonight on National Geographic Channel. Even though I had seen it already, there is a lot to take in and I was glad to have the opportunity to view the movie again.

If you have seen it already, it is worth seeing again. If you haven’t then take some time and watch it tonight on NGC, preferably on HD if you have it. It is a lot to take in and consider. If you can, record it so you can go back and watch it again.