MOH Recipient Sal Guinta in his own words

I have talked about SSG Sal Guinta several time on this blog, even before he was officially named as the first live recipient of the Medal of Honor. You can check one out HERE.

SSG Guinta will be receiving the MoH very soon from the President in Washington DC.

The video below is the best I have seen from him explaining exactly what happened that day. In addition to SSG Guinta talking, MAJ Kearney who was the Company Commander of Battle Company is giving his views about the same day. This is a very emotional video with Sal talking raw and open about those moments and his thoughts on the moment he was told he would be getting the Medal of Honor. His exact words…”Fuck You…”. You need to see why he said it and thoughts behind receiving it.

My friend Tim Hetherington who is the filmmaker of Restrepo and was Sebastian Junger’s partner on Restrepo and Sebastian’s book, WAR is the interviewer of this piece. As always Tim has done a great job in his filming and editing to tell the story.

Tim also has his new book out called, Infidel. You can read reviews and get a copy at

The Sal Giunta Story from Ryan Blaind on Vimeo.

Last but not least, you will hear MAJ Kearney talk about Landigal and that being an objective of Operation Rock Avalanche. If you want to read a phenomenal book that is a great easy read and happened in the same place, Landigal, but two years earlier then check out James F. Christ’s book which goes by that name of that place. You can find it at

I read a draft of Landigal back in May and sent James the following feedback directly to him in an email.

This story needs to be told as quickly as possible. Especially since we have now pulled all US forces out of Korengal. We have given up all that land that these and many other boys bled and died on.

As I said, it is a easy read and not very expensive. Give it a look to understand some of the background of this very volatile part of Afghanistan which we no longer occupy.

For more information about the TV premiere of Restrepo, please visit For additional information about the film, please visit, and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

The television premiere of Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington’s acclaimed film, Restrepo, will be on Monday, November 29 at 9pm ET/PT. Tune into your local National Geographic Channel to view it.

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