Three Wickets and A Bulldozer

I am very happy to announce that there is a great piece of perspective and insight about Afghanistan available now for the entire public to see. My very good friend Scott Kesterson who has had many guests posts on this blog and is the filmmaker of the riveting documentary At War has finally released (along with his co-author COL James Larsen) a white paper called Three Wickets and a Bulldozer.

Without giving away too much of the whitepaper I can tell you that it is a fresh “outside of the box” look into a path forward for success in Afghanistan. I first read this white paper over a year ago and since then Scott and I have had many discussions about it, what it means, what it would take to open minds to implement it, etc. I will be honest it changed my mind on a few things on the way to approach engaging the populous in Afghanistan and making them more accountable and responsible for themselves.

I encourage you to head over to the Small Wars Journal and check out

Read the small entry there and then head to Three Wickets and A Bulldozer and download it.

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