Another milestone we never wanted to see

Ever since 2007 I have been saying that each year will be the worst yet in casualties. Unfortunately it has been true each year. As the enemies of our nation continued to get beat down in Iraq and as madrassas in Pakistan continued to churn out more and more brainwashed radicals to lay their lives down against us the fight got worse every year since 2006.

Now here we are are only the 9th month of 2010 and it is already the deadliest year ever in 2010 for coalition forces.

After only nine months, 2010 has now become the deadliest year of the long war, with the extra deployment of international forces to nearly 150,000 drawing more battlefield engagements and leading to a spike in casualties.

Of course with many more targets on the battlefield for our enemies to shoot at and try to blow up, it should be no surprise that we have suffered so many casualties this year. As of the helicopter crash that killed nine soldiers today, we have now lost 529 coalition force members

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2 thoughts on “Another milestone we never wanted to see”

  1. So what do you think 1SG? Is it time to now end this senseless campaign? How many more young men and women on both sides of this so-called “right and just war” have to give their lives to it before it is “enough”.

    Sad first. Senseless second. We just attended funeral services locally for a young Ranger KIA in Astan. He was 23.

    1. Jon,

      You know you are my brother from another mother, but I ask do we cut and run when the going gets tough? Isn’t that what Clinton did in Somalia in ’93? Do we turn tail and call it quits because we get to a point that one more drop of blood is one too much? Has America forgotten the pain, hatred, sadness, rage and patriotism is experienced on 9/11/01 up until mid 2003? Are those 3000 lives lost on American soil not worth avenging? Are the thousands of lives lost and changed in Afghanistan since worth avenging?

      I don’t consider is senseless. I do consider it right and just, but sadly misguided for a couple of years under Generals who did not know an objective from their dinner plate.

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