That Look

That look, the one that soldiers have as they are moving to and from a combat zone. If you have been around this type of environment, then you know what I am talking about.

I notice that many of the soldiers and marines walking around in Kuwait seem to have “that look”. It is hard to describe, but it seems to be a cross between weariness and determination. Going to the latrine, walking to the PX or sitting the chow hall, you see it everywhere. You can see that a vast majority of the people here have a lot of time in a combat zone. I mean more than one tour. They have the look like this is #2, 3, or possibly 4 or more.
The young pups who may be heading over the first time have that eager “I can’t wait to get there” look. They have more of an excited with anticipation look. 

I could be wrong and this “look” could have been there for a while and maybe I just never noticed it when I was in uniform. Maybe I see it differently now that I am out of uniform. Maybe it is nothing new at all. But it sure seems that way to me. However I seemed to have noticed it enough that I wanted to write about it. It just seemed to stick out to me. 

If you know what I am talking about or can relate or have an opinion on it, please leave a comment. I will do my best to reply when needed. 

2 thoughts on “That Look”

  1. You do notice different things out of uniform than in. I’ve seen it myself, though with as many times as I’ve been through Ali over four tours in Iraq, I’ve fallen into a routine (S/S/S, Check in with family, grab coffee, play on my laptop until it’s naptime or flight time) and tend to just look at the ground while moving from point A to point B. I’ll have to remind myself to slow down when I go through on R&R this winter.

    I’ve noticed I look different too, but I just chalk it up to cynicism from having to deal with too many knee-jerk staff officers 😉

  2. Brother your not laone ive only had the Privalidge of doing one combat patrol( in 11 years active and 2 in the OHANG) in Kosovo and ive never been the same, the look your talking about is what Veitnam Veterans call the 1000 yard stare, constantly looking for targets or someone ready to shoot at them, i find music is PARAMOUNT to,wakeing up and starting a Great day, if you get a chance a Band Called Staind …song is Tangled up in you says it all for al oved one wife girlffreind ect ect or a child or children, lover or lovers… git the point keep yer Head up Brother cant wait for yall to git back

    Nolan Osborne formerly 10th Mountian, 25th Inf, 1/148 OHANG

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