CJ doing his part to catch Nigerian Scammers

My very close friend, fellow blogger and co-host on You Served Radio has taken up a cause to champion and I am proud to say that finally the national media is taking notice. CJ has went after the Nigerian Scammers with a fever and spends a lot of hours researching, tracking and exposing them. CNN has taken notice and now they have interviewed him for a story they are doing on the subject. I am very proud to call him a friend.

3 thoughts on “CJ doing his part to catch Nigerian Scammers”

  1. I heard a podcast a few years ago, I think it was on This American Life, this guy had become obsessed with F’ing with Nigerian scammers, he had this guy on a wild goosechase that actually put the guys life in danger. He lost his appetite for it but I thought it was good stuff. Hard issue to battle.

  2. I unfortunately was a women sucked in by one of these scammers. But I have sense compiled alot of information about them. I have their IP addresses, the location of the internet cafe they work out of, I understant the owner of the cafe is the ring leader, highering starving young men to do most of the correspondence. I have the name and address of the person who collects the money in Lagos Nigeria. But who do I go with this information with? Please Let me know. Thank you very much Mickey Irish

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