Ok, what now?

1. So McChrystal is gone ( a serious mistake on the part of the President)
2. Petraeus has been demoted down to lead the fight in Afghanistan
3. Who will lead CENTCOM or are they expecting Petraeus who fainted last week before a Senate Committee to do both jobs?

And all of this as we now learn that June has been the deadliest month in this longest lasting war of our country’s history. http://www1.voanews.com/english/news/asia/Deadliest-Month-for-International-Troops-in-Afghanistan-97060264.html

I never guessed that Petraeus would be asked to step down and do this job, and God Bless the man for agreeing to do it. He is the best choice to try and keep the disruption of this abrupt change of command to as low as impact as possible on the troops.

So now I am waiting for that POS Eikenberry to be fired along with that ineffective Holbrooke. The relationship between the military and civilian leadership in Afghanistan is a two-way street. If the Ambassador and Special Envoy don’t get along with Karzai and cannot influence him or even get a meeting with him then they need to be FIRED asap and some people need to be put into place that can be effective at their job and get along with the military leadership.

If the current administration truly cares about Afghanistan, the progress there and our ability to eventually leave then they need to fire these two impudent men right NOW!

5 thoughts on “Ok, what now?”

  1. No kidding! IF Pres. Obama really wants a resolution to the problem he needs to step up and make the necessary changes in order to do just that.

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