Micheal Yon has lost his marbles and is an oxygen thief

I have highlighted Michael Yon’s work many times on this blog. Back in the day, he was taking great pictures and telling great stories. I, like many milbloggers and our readers were impressed with his quality of work and his inside track to get the stories told.

However he has now morphed into a combination of Dennis Hopper and Marlon Brando’s characters from Apocalypse Now. He is so in love with himself that he must embarrass Afghans on a Thursday night. The guy drinks his own kool-aid and believes himself the savior of Afghanistan or any other war or conflict that he finds himself in.

I don’t know him personally, but run in the same circles as he used to and I know some that were very close to him the last time he was in Afghanistan before being thrown out of country. The common opinion from all is that he has lost his marbles, has no sense of reality anymore and does nothing but spout the great things he does and how he is the poor little victim. And, Michael if you are reading this I am not even talking about other milbloggers like the ones you recently have been going after in your Facebook rantings. None of the people I speak of are milbloggers, per se.

Michael recently posted on his facebook account a copy of a letter sent to him by a supposed soldier from in Afghanistan. The letter highlights so many OPSEC (Operational Security) violations, it isn’t funny. For Michael to post such a letter highlighting supposed vulnerabilities and weaknesses in certain Afghanistan perimeter defenses is inexcusable. For a guy that I guess was a Special Forces SGM at one time, he, like the famed COL Kurtz has lost his way when it comes to the safety of American Soldiers.

Shame on you Michael and for the lies you continue to tell people to this day as you pursue you own little hate-filled agenda. You are violating the trust and readership of those who have become fans of your past work in order to focus the attention on you as you throw your little temper tantrum from Thailand. You remind me of a toddler in the grocery store line who throws a tantrum at their parent (McChrystal) because he/she won’t give you a toy or a piece of candy. So you are going to make a scene in order to embarrass them. Do us all a favor and grow a pair, grow up and then STFU.

To read Michael’s posting on Facebook, click HERE.

Bouhammer.com retracts all support it had for Michael Yon. I apologize for mis-leading my readers to the fact that he was one person to read and I hope you did not provide him any financial support. If you did, I am truly sorry for that too.

4 thoughts on “Micheal Yon has lost his marbles and is an oxygen thief”

  1. Well, Troy, I did (in a modest way) financially support Yon back in the day when he was posting great stuff from Iraq. I’ve watched recent developments with horror, like watching a car accident happen. I’m sure his donations and influence with readers are drying up – he’s certainly lost me.

  2. Much like the Main stream Media, Micheal Yon, has forgotten the fact that he/they are reporters. They do not make policy for the units they are embeded with. Those units are charged with protecting them and They should stick to the facts and yes drop a story if it endangers people. He has lost my resepect and I am sure that of those who’s trust he comprimized.

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