Innocent until Proven Guilty

We have seen it with SF Sniper teams in Bermel Afghanistan, a Marine Special Operations Company between J-bad and Kabul, three Navy Seals in Iraq and the Marines who were in Haditha. Lots of accusations and charges but all of them are cleared and were innocent.

Over the last few days a story has been out about soldiers from 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division being charged with killing innocent Afghans.

The Army said Friday that Spc. Jeremy Morlock had been charged with three counts of premeditated murder and one count of assault.

On Monday, Lt. Col. Tamara Parker, a Joint Base Lewis-McChord spokeswoman, said “there is enough evidence to say that five may be charged,” although Morlock is the only one charged so far.

A second Soldier is being held in confinement in Kuwait, and the other three remain with their unit in Afghanistan, she said.

The whole story is at:

To read this and especially to write about it is very tough. As a soldier it is tough to see other soldiers even be accused of it. However I have a personal connection to Jeremy’s family and in fact I know this soldier and knew him as a young boy. His family has been through a lot already and this does not help any. However I caution that Jeremy Morlock or anyone else charged are innocent until proven guilty. I hope the American people remember the basic right we are all granted and not convict any of these young men until the military court system makes its decision.

I am sure the liberal-loving, soldier-hating media will jump all over this and tout it for a political agenda. But I hope they don’t as we are talking about lives here. Not just Afghan lives who could have been innocent..and I stress COULD. But also American lives of the these soldiers and their friends and families.

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  1. This story and the previous ones like it are exactly the reason my son no longer has any interest in joining the miltary. Political correctness and the liberal media have no place in war. What a shame.

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