GEN McChrystal speaks his mind, and Bouhammer Supports him-UPDATED

If you have been watching the news lately then you know that GEN McChrystal is on his way back to Washington, DC to get his butt chewed by the President. Looking at the critical time we are in with regards to Afghanistan and the technologies we have today, I am wondering why the President can’t just speak his mind over a secure video tele-conference. We have those with Afghanistan all the time

Do we really need to waste the time of the Commander of the war in Afghanistan by spending dozens of hours flying back and forth? Save the money, time and the environment and do it on a damn con call.

It is a shame that GEN McChrystal spoke his mind to a Rolling Stone reporter, of all people. I can’t say I blame GEN McChrystal at all, and I know the General feels bad that he said those to a journalist as he has already apologized. We really don’t have time for all of these distractions as there is something more important to focus on….fighting the war. I mean even Sen John Kerry made that statement this morning.

Everything the General said is true, so you can’t blame him for making stuff up. He just spoke his mind. I have made my opinions of Eikenberry more than clear on this blog. You can click and see a collection of blogs I have written about him. The most prominent one on that list is which I wrote back in May. Not meaning to sound like the “Blame Bush” crowd, but I can tell you that what McChrystal and even McKiernan have dealt with are a direct result of Eikenberry’s inept leadership and misguided management of the war while he was in command from 2004-2007. It was Eikenberry himself that “faked” progress in Afghanistan and why we find ourselves still there today as engaged as we are.

If you would like to know more about how I feel and what I think on this matter, I invite you to tune into the BBC tonight at 7:10 EST PM. I will be interviewed on the BBC program “The World Today” in reference to this whole matter. You can listen live at

4 thoughts on “GEN McChrystal speaks his mind, and Bouhammer Supports him-UPDATED”

  1. Can’t say I disagree with the General, but Rolling Stone is not the place. He’s flying out to get his butt chewed in person because you can’t bite the nose off a television screen. I wonder how much this guy is thinking about his own Q quotient when he pulls stunts like this.

    I vacillate between feeling optimism and despair for Afghanistan. I believe that our soldiers and airmen are the very best and more than capable to do a hard job, but even if we get it all right in our fight against the scumbags, who is going to run Afghanistan when we’re gone? It’s a culture of corruption with cave-man levels of education and tribal (at best) ethics — are we really prepared to commit to a generation-length occupation? Could it even get done in less time?

    Ugly business, nation building. George W. was right about one thing — it’s a bit of a fool’s game. How can you force people to accept a better life that they don’t want?

    One thing economists are wrong about — most people will jump over a dollar to snatch a dime.

    Would love to learn that the smart guys out there have an answer and that we can ultimately do right by our own soldiers and Afghani citizens.

  2. Hello Troy. While I don’t disagree with the General’s comments (I think they are spot on), you absolutely cannot disparage the chain of command in public.

    The problem McChrystal faces is the fact that this is not the first time he’s been taken to task – Openly questioning the President regarding troop surge levels and his involvement in the Pat Tillman friendly-fire cover up by no means help his cause here.

    As a senior NCO, I’m sure inappropriate remarks regarding the Chain of Command from your soldiers would have consequences. The same should be true of General McC and his comments. It’s the “Uniform” in Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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