Send Lubin Back to Afghanistan

If you have ever had the good fortune to meet and know Andrew Lubin, then you easily know what a great American he is and what great things he has done through his own service, supporting his son’s service and through his years of tireless reporting and embeds.

Andrew is a milblogger, accomplished and recognized author and has worked very hard going back and forth to Afghanistan and helping get the word out. There are others in the new media space that have done a lot of time in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Some of them have burned bridges, lost their embed status and in some opinions have lost touch with reality.

Andrew is too well grounded and also well connected in the Corps and in Afghanistan. The Marines have the utmost respect for him just like many do for Ollie North and they always treat him well when he can get over there.

Getting over there is the issue and this is where Andrew needs your help. His trips are largely self-funded and he needs your assistance. Before I wrote this posting, I led by example as the Army always trained me to do and went to the link below and pledged some money to Andrew myself. In addition, I am going to commit from now until May 18th (14 days from now) that every item sold from the Bouhammer Gear Store will have the proceeds temporarily re-directed from the charities I normally send them to over to Andrew’s cause. I will not even wait for the check from Vision Strike Wear to do it, on the 18th I will pledge the additional money to Andrew’s project based on the number of items sold.

So if you believe in what Andrew is doing, want to support, and would like to hear from him and get the real story from the front lines in the Global War on Terrorism (yes I still call it that, because that is what it is), then go to make a pledge or head to and pick up something.

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