I don’t think they want us in Nimroz

You probably have never heard about Nimroz (or Nimruz as it is spelled below), and the reason is because we (Coalition and even Afghan forces) have hardly ever been there. Nimroz is in the extreme southwest of Afghanistan and for the last 9 years it has been a no-man’s land when it comes to our or the Afghan Security Forces presence there.

I have been pressuring many a Commander on the DOD Blogger Roundtables about Nimroz and have talked about it on blogs and in person that we need to push in there and establish a presence. I know the Marines have been venturing in there since last year and it seems there may be a presence there now. It also seems that the Taliban don’t like us there. I am sure the military expected this and I think we can expect many more violent actions there as it is bordered by both Pakistan and Iran, our two biggest nemesis in the fight in Afghanistan.

Nine Taliban fighters equipped with suicide vests and automatic weapons attacked government buildings in western Afghanistan Wednesday, killing a lawmaker and two policemen, officials said.
“All the nine attackers were killed,” General Jabar Purdeli, the provincial police chief, told the German Press Agency dpa.
“Eight were killed when they detonated their vests or when the vests exploded as police shot at them and the ninth attacker was shot dead by our forces and his vest was intact,” he said.
A female provincial lawmaker, Gul Makai Osmani, and two policemen were killed and five policemen and six civilians were injured, Purdeli said.
The attack began in the late morning when the bombers drove into the government complex on motorbikes and in cars, Khodai Nazar Sarmchar, a lawmaker from Nimruz, said. The complex houses the provincial council’s office, the justice department and the governor’s office.
Police surrounded the area and exchanged fire with the militants, who were holed up inside the buildings for hours, the police chief said.
Explosions and gunfire could be heard from several buildings including the office compound of the provincial governor, local resident Khial Mohammad said.
The militants also took up positions inside homes near the city centre, said Gholam Dastagir Azad, the provincial governor, who was unharmed.
Rebel fighters also attacked an eastern district near the Pakistan border, officials said.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the insurgents attacked Dur Baba in the eastern province of Nangarhar Tuesday night and killed 15 Afghan troops. He said two rebels were killed during two hours of combat.
But a spokesman for the provincial government rejected the claim.
“The Dur Baba district is under control of Afghan forces,” Ahmad Zia Abdulzai said.
He denied that any government soldiers were killed, saying that the soldiers inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels, but did not provide any figures.
Officials say the insurgents regularly infiltrate Afghanistan from Pakistani tribal areas to attack government and NATO troops, and then retreat across the border.

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