Don’t disrespect my Flag, too many have died for it

I try not to get my blood boiling over small things any more in life, but there are limits and sometimes I can’t stay quiet. I could not let this pass without pounding the keyboard. Read below to see what I am talking about.

6 thoughts on “Don’t disrespect my Flag, too many have died for it”

  1. Eh, the way I read that story is that the kids wore the shirts in order to pick a fight with Mexican kids on Cinco de Mayo, and got sent home. It’s not about patriotism if you’re just taking the piss.

    1. cklarock, I am not sure what story you read or how you got that impression, but the only reference I saw of fights was when the students quoted school officials of accusing the students of that. I don’t think 5 students go to school to hope to get into a fight with several hundred more. I think you may want to re-read the story. I just read it again to make sure I did not miss anything after reading your comments and I am happy to say I don’t think I did.

  2. cklarock, you are way off base…not to mention wrong.

    I want to know why the Mexican flage wearing students weren’t given the same treatment as the students who were sent home.

    I want to know why it is EVER wrong to display OUR national pride…I don’t care what day it is. We’re not in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is not OUR holiday! Who cares if some feelings are hurt because an American Flag is displayed on May 5th…did they remove all of the Amrican flags in the school…the one in the front of the school…the ones in the classrooms…oh, wait, do they even get to fly the flag in classrooms anymore?

    The way this country is acting, you’d think we were Mexico’s suburb instead of our own Nation.

  3. My initial reaction from reading this article when it first came out last week was the same as most of yours. It seemed to me that the school administration over-reacted in reprimanding the students for not changing/reversing their shirts. While it seems that a group of students had their first amendment rights revoked temporarily I don’t know if it’s necessary to lash out at the administration of the school or to raise a national objection. In a way I understand that the administration was trying to prevent conflict as my father is a public school principal who realizes the possible repercussions from student violence (pissed parents, police reports, etc.). A truly wise principal, however, would have dealt with the situation in a much more clever and educational way to try to foster understanding and peace between the students. (I’m starting to sound like a hippie) Most of the latino students probably didn’t even care that a couple of kids were wearing American Flag shirts.


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