US forces leave Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley

Over at Stars and Stripes they have a story about the famed and bloody Korengal Valley in Afghanistan and how US Forces are now pulling out of there. I am a little confused by GEN McChrystal’s directive on this as the tenants of Counter-Insurgency is the CLEAR, HOLD, BUILD. When you pull out all the forces from a very enemy-active area, aren’t you just turning it over to the enemy?


U.S. troops are pulling out of Afghanistan’s perilous Korengal Valley as part of a new focus on protecting population centers, NATO said Wednesday, ending a mission that saw some of the most intense fighting of the nearly nine-year American presence in the country.

The isolated mountainous region of caves and canyons on the eastern border with Pakistan has been the scene of near daily exchanges of fire between NATO and insurgents, who use it as a route for infiltrating weapons and fighters into Afghanistan.

Read the whole story HERE on the Stars and Stripes website.

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