This is not good for our efforts in Afghanistan

Well it seems that NATO is coming clean on a raid that happened in Gardez back in February. It is not good for NATO and there is no doubt our enemies will use this in their propaganda and media campaign. It is one thing to make a mistake, it is something else to lie and attempt to cover it up and then have to confess.

I think NATO forces, and especially US forces have lost a lot of trust amongst the Afghan people over this one, or soon will.

NATO forces on Sunday have admitted killing five Afghan civilians, including three women, during a night raid on a home in the southeast of the country in February, after initially denying involvement.

The NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in a statement Sunday that its troops were responsible for the women’s deaths in a village near Gardez, the capital of eastern Paktia province, on February 12.

Two newspapers — the New York Times and Britain’s The Times — said Monday that the foreign troops involved in the shooting were members of US special forces who tried to cover up the deaths by removing bullets from the bodies.

President Hamid Karzai has called for night raids to be banned.

NATO said its troops had entered the house on Feb. 12 in Gardez district of Paktia province, “believing an insurgent was inside”. They killed the two men because they carried weapons, although later learned they were not insurgents.

“We now understand that the men killed were only trying to protect their families,” Brigadier General Eric Tremblay, spokesman for NATO-led forces, said in the statement. The three women were killed during the shooting, NATO said.

ISAF said soon after the incident that the three women were found bound and gagged but the latest statement said the claim was based on a report by troops unfamiliar with Islamic burial customs.

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