Milblog Con 2010

Well folks I am headed to the 5th Annual Milblog Conference this weekend in Washington DC. I will be with many of my friends and fellow milbloggers, some of which you may also read besides this one.

The great folks at VA Mortgage who sponsor the Blog and Radio show are sending me there, so needless to say I will mostly be blogging and tweeting for them. I will also try to put some posts up here on over the weekend, but look towards to get most of the updates. Also check out to follow our livestream of the entire conference.

Marcus and I kick off the unofficial start tonight when we host our You Served Radio show from the Hotel in Washington DC. CJ was also supposed to be with us, but due to a family emergency his plans had to change at the last minute. He should be calling into the show however. We will be having several call in guests, to include the lead singer of the awesome Rock Band Smile Empty Soul, Sean Danielson and Ceaser’s Palace Performer and UK music superstar Matt Goss.

In addition to them we will have several prominent milbloggers “in studio” like Greta Perry from, Mark Seavey from the American Legion’s blog, and This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here, Boston Maggie from and more than likely several other surprise guests. We will kick off the livestreaming by doing it for the show tonight (or at least that is the plan right now). So if you are a regular listener to the show every Thursday from 7-9PM EST at, you also have the option this week of “watching” the show.

But while you are waiting for the excitement, please check out our You Served ebay auctions that are going on. This week’s auctions have not done that well and then end in a mere seven hours from now. Head over to and check out the Gina Elise Shirt and the Korean War coin. Back when the Korean War was going on, there were no challenge coins like there are now. So if you know a Korean War vet, they would probably love this beautiful coin to recognize their service.

I hope you follow along at and especially the livestream feed. It will be a chance for you to “see” some of your favorite milbloggers.

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