Afghanistan Shell Game?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog posting ( about the US forces pulling out of Korengal Valley as part of GEN McChrystal’s directive to pull back from small, less-populated areas.

I even posted a series of pictures in a second posting that was related to the same topic at

Well now it seems that maybe it is just a Afghanistan shell game moving forces around the battlefield. Almost like robbing Achmed (Peter) to pay Shariz (Paul). There are reports coming out of Afghanistan now that are saying US Forces are pushing into brand new areas they have never been in or where forces have not been in a long time.

Nearly nine years into the Afghan war, many small valleys in mountainous eastern Afghanistan remain mostly off limits to NATO and Afghan troops. In their absence, smugglers, isolationists and religious extremists dominate. The U.S. Army recently launched a mission to re-establish a presence in one dangerous valley. These soldiers with the 503rd Infantry Regiment face a risky mission. They intend to drive deep into the Chowkay Valley in eastern Kunar province.

So now we will have to see if these new moves will be successful or executed poorly and deadly. Lets hope and pray for the first option. God Speed Paratroopers!

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