4th annual Milbloggie Winners

As I said in the beginning, I was more than honored for the nominations I got to make it to the top 5 and be in the voting round. I think I had like 43 votes and I am honest when I say that is very humbling.

There are so many blogs out there that I read and have read for a long time that I am in awe of. Many were in this competition in both the nomination and voting phase and to be grouped with them is awesome. I would have loved to see You Served win in the Veteran category but it was against four other great blogs, all of which I read.

This was my last year in the US Army category as my time in the Army ended and the end of last year with my retirement so the next time these come up I too will be in the Military Veteran Category.

As per Milblogging.com Winners this year are:

Congratulations to all the winners in the Fourth Annual MILbloggies. Winners will be presented Awards during the 2010 Sold-Out Milblog Conference taking place this weekend by our Platinum Sponsors: USAA and General Electric.

U.S. Army
A Soldier’s Perspective

U.S. Air Force
Afghanistan My Last Tour

U.S. Navy
Naval Institute Blog

U.S. Marine Corps
Castra Praetoria

U.S. Coast Guard
An Unoffical Coast Guard Blog

U.S. Military Veteran
Blackfive – The Paratrooper of Love

Foreign National Military

U.S. Military (Spouse)
A Little Pink in a World of Camo

U.S. Military (Parent)
You Betcha I’m a Proud Army Mom

U.S. Military Supporter
Not Your Average Brooklynette

U.S. Reporter
The Unknown Soldiers

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