What is happening to my Afghanistan?

You know when I was in Afghanistan in 2006-2007, it was a war zone. People went there to go to war, expecting to be shot at and blown up, but hoping they got the other guy first. There were a lot of civilian contractors there and they performed very well from what I saw. Granted there were some that didn’t put as much skin in the game as others, but for the most part they were a combat multiplier or at least freed up military personnel to do other duties.

Today Bagram is filled to capacity as the surge is still happening and forces are flooding into country, along with equipment to support them and equipment being pulled from Iraq and pushed into Afghanistan. All of these changes and logistics require contractors to assist and do things. It is just a necessary part of war in today’s time of a shrunken military.

Well it appears that at least two civilian contractors have violated the military’s sacred trust, according to my sources. I am not sure what was in their heads or what they were thinking, but these two civilian contractors were detained and removed from the country for possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Now, one would think that it may be hash, heroin, or even pot; all things that are easily found and accessible in Afghanistan. But no, it was not anything found in Afghanistan, it was something that probably came from the US. These two civilian contractors were reportedly in possession of CRACK!! Yes, one of the most addictive drugs there is. I am not sure what their plan was once they used it up, as someone addicted to crack cannot simply turn it off.

I don’t know if this is a sign of the times, or of Americans that don’t believe in the reason why we are there, or that Bagram has become more of a Fobbit land than I could have ever imagined. Either way it is sad and shameful that people would go over to Afghanistan to “support” our troops and bring crack with them to use. I am not sure what is happening to the Afghanistan that I once knew.

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  1. Wow, crack? I honestly though you were going to say steroids. Probably because I hear of the soldiers that get caught in Iraq getting caught with them all of the time. My husband is currently stationed there and I hear some of the horror stories.

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