Uncle Jimbo talks about ROE and how that is percieved

Uncle Jimbo tells is like it is. My good friend and fellow milbloggers, Uncle Jimbo tells it like it is in this video clip that I got from his site at www.unclejimbo.com.

I have stated several times what Jimbo says here. I also understand and agree with what Gen McChrystal is trying to do, but just like the exercise where you tell someone something on one side of a room and tell them to repeat it exactly, but by the time it gets to the person on the other side of the room, the message has changed….that is what happens in the military too.

When you have a four-star General who is known to hold people accountable and discipline those leaders that don’t do their jobs, many leaders under that four-star General will interpret what they think that General said, meant, or implied. There are many other less than four-star Generals, Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captains and even Sergeant Majors and First Sergeants that take it on themselves to second-guess or question the initial intent and policy of the top commander. The situation that Jimbo highlights below is good example of what the results are when a lower level commander does not understand the initial intent or are scared for their own careers to the point that they risk and lose American lives.

Good Job Jimbo, I owe you a beer at the Milblog Conference.

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