The littlest American Patriot

The other day I wrote a posting titled Ignorance is Bliss which has got a lot of attention. I have received several emails and comments on that posting. One of the emails I got was one of a American Patriot who sent me this picture of his grandson who is only six years old. This little guy has helped his grandpa send over 1000 boxes to troops overseas.

Not only is he spending quality time with his Grandpa, he is also doing something productive with that time. He has more patriotism in that little pinky of his than many Americans I meet and interact with every day.

This little man has my vote for The littlest American Patriot.

7 thoughts on “The littlest American Patriot”

  1. What a great article on Connor! But you don’t know the half of what this little boy does. Ask his grandpa about the socks he recently sent to Germany and about how he goes to the cemetary EVERY Saturday and some events there. You are right on about him having more patriotism than most people, myself included, and both of sons-in-law have been overseas. Find out more about him and do another article.

  2. I know this family personally and they have supported my family and friends for over 5 years now. They are truly a blessing while deployed and back stateside. Supporters like the Love family made me very proud to be a Soldier as our commitment to our great nation is not in vain. On several ocassions were my morale wasn’t at it’s highest, I would receive a package, letter or card and it instantly lifted my spirits. Anyone who has the honor to make acquaintance with these fine supporters know that you have met Angels. Thank you so much for the support. We love you as we are family.

  3. This was a great interview. It reminded me of years ago when Art Linkletter was on TV (giving away my age); he had a great time with all the youngsters like Conner.
    Conner has more patriotism in his little finger than many adults I know. Even reading on FB; you can tell there are some people that NEVER EVER mention our troops or anything whatsoever about the wars….they are too wrapped up in their own little world with unimportant stuff. It makes me want to shake some sense into them.

  4. Thank you Troy and CJ for honoring Connor and letting folks meet this amazing youngster. The world became a better place when he got here and I am proud to be his papa.

    1. Hi Howard,

      I hope this email finds you. Well over a year later this story was sent to me on Twitter. I am the president of Kids Are Heroes and we would sure like to feature Connor on our website ( To date we have featured 225 heroes from 6 countries all who give back with no consideration of their own benefit. And it is befitting that my 12 y/o daughter is the founder. If you get this you can nominate him directly at Great job!!

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