Obama in Afghanistan

Well as I am sure everyone knows, the President made a surprised visit to Afghanistan this weekend. He did it via Camp David since that location is much more secluded and it is easier for him to travel without the MSM reporting it.

I must say after spending so many weeks of him focusing on passage of the horrific health-care bill, it was good to see him finally take a trip to Afghanistan (his first since becoming President 14 months ago). It shows that he is still cognizant of the other important matters in this country besides health-care. So as they say, better late than never.

Regardless of the fact that a majority of the troops did not vote for or support him as a President, he is still President and I think it is a morale booster to the troops to know he at least cares enough to come over and visit. Troops want to know that their country, and their top leader is behind them and supports them. So if this did nothing else than provide some fist-bumps and gave the President a chance to make some speeches on the outside, I think behind the scenes it was good for the troops to know he came over.

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