If you read nothing else today, read this one

I am sooo proud and honored to not only call Old Blue a friend, but MaryAnn also. In fact it is getting to know people like them, and many others since I have started blogging that are the true rewards from all my time spent researching and writing the blogs I do. In fact had it not been for blogging an co-hosting You Served Radio, I would have never had a chance to talk to little Conner last week on our show. Ironically Conner knows MaryAnn too. Now tell me that isn’t a sign of a small world.


Anyway, my buddy OldBlue wrote this posting on March 8th but I just got around to reading it. I am kicking myself for not getting to it on the day it came out. For that reason I am highlighting his post and blog and asking you to go read it now. You will be glad, proud and humbled that you did.


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