Video of the Day; Strawberry bars and bullets

This is a great video that was shared with me by a Soldiers’ Angel. It gives the American public great insight into what our Soldiers and Marines have to carry “downrange”. It has some vulgar language in it, because well that is the way many Soldiers and Marines talk when not near civilization, so don’t take it personal.

5 thoughts on “Video of the Day; Strawberry bars and bullets”

  1. yep. I saw this on I send food they can carry with every shipment, usually tuna in pouches, good chocolate, gatoraid/electrolite singles,Maxim,(my son’s recommendation)cookies wipes chap-stick visene cookies. I ask them to tell me what they need
    ie; batteries, flashlights anything but they never ask for anything. Do you have any recomendatiuns? 2 are in Iraq and 1 in A-stan.
    The people I send to get either no mail from home or little.I don’t understand it.
    .-= Dorothy Healy´s last blog ..**Alash Tuvan Throat Singers** =-.

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