URGENT UPDATE: Stolen Valor Imposter Arrested by FBI

I am sooooo happy to announce that the Stolen Valor Imposter that I wrote about on here back on January (http://bouhammer.com/2010/01/pitchfork-brigade-stolen-valor-imposter-wanted/) was arrested tonight in Houston by the FBI.

This is a true testament to the Pitchfork Brigade of milbloggers that exposed this idiot (Michael Patrick MacManus) who was not only impersonating a General Officer but also a extremely decorated war hero. There were several of us milbloggers who contacted different FBI agents (including yours truly), in addition to other agencies. I am so proud of you, my readers, and all the milbloggers who came together to spread the word on this guy.

Again, thank you all so much. I am honored and flattered by all my readers and followers every day I see the statistics of how many readers I have visiting this site.

ABC Affiliate KTRK from Houston has the entire story below

3 thoughts on “URGENT UPDATE: Stolen Valor Imposter Arrested by FBI”

  1. Yeah!

    Now we just need to make sure that the judge dishes out the maximum proson sentence. You can write to the judge at this address:

    United States District Court
    Post Office Box 61207
    Houston, TX 77208

    Re: Unites States vs. Michael Patrick McManus

    Let’s flood the courthouse with letters.

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