I am sooooo happy to announce that the Stolen Valor Imposter that I wrote about on here back on January (http://bouhammer.com/2010/01/pitchfork-brigade-stolen-valor-imposter-wanted/) was arrested tonight in Houston by the FBI.

This is a true testament to the Pitchfork Brigade of milbloggers that exposed this idiot (Michael Patrick MacManus) who was not only impersonating a General Officer but also a extremely decorated war hero. There were several of us milbloggers who contacted different FBI agents (including yours truly), in addition to other agencies. I am so proud of you, my readers, and all the milbloggers who came together to spread the word on this guy.

Again, thank you all so much. I am honored and flattered by all my readers and followers every day I see the statistics of how many readers I have visiting this site.

ABC Affiliate KTRK from Houston has the entire story below