Bouhammer eating Crow

Many times on this blog I have been unkind to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. I have called him many names and berated decision he has made and things he has said. My friend over at the blog War on Terror News and I have argued about Karzai and what kind of person he is. I think WOTN had some inside information and was probably close to Karzai early in the war. I figured that was the only reason he was quick to defend him.

I must now say that after reading the newly released book “The Only Thing Worth Dying For” by acclaimed author Eric Blehm. I have a review being written up this weekend on the book as I just finished it last night. I was very moved and impressed by the book. Not only was I impressed by the American Special Operators that the book is about, but also President Karzai himself. This book does a phenomenal job of explaining the tireless effort Karzai was putting into convincing the world how important Afghanistan was prior to 9/11 and the character of the man in the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom.

I have a new found respect for Hamid Karzai as a result of this book, so I will be the first to admit I have may have been wrong in some of my opinions of him. It doesn’t mean he is still that way, but he is a politician now. People change with time and experiences and sometimes the change is not for the best. He does say things every once in a while that I think is ungrateful and disrespectful of the assistance our country has given him, especially in the blood we have shed and the lives lost. But, I have to admit even if he does or says things now that I personally don’t like, I do like the way he was in the beginning.

There are many leaders in our own country whom start off honorable but let politics and Washington corrupt their character, so it must just be a human nature thing. I can’t expect Hamid Karzai to be better or more perfect than our own American elected leaders.

So as I said, I will freely admit that I may have been wrong about him and I will weigh my words much more carefully in the future as to not appear as one of those back-seat experts.

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