And you thought I was lying about Man-Love Thursdays

I have written on here several times about Man-Love Thursdays, the confusion that Afghan men have with sexuality and the rampant number of homosexuals there are amongst the Afghan male population. I have also had many people ask me if there was any truth to the term “man-love Thursday”.

One of my first blogs that mentioned this is called ” Their Thursday night is our Saturday night “. I wrote this one in July 2006. I have also wrote about this several other times over the years.

Well in case you didn’t believe me or anyone else who has been to Afghanistan and talked about it, here is your chance to believe an MSM outlet.

The story below is pretty educating, as it shines some light on “how” afghan men can justify this practice in their own mind. I mean I have heard the term “selective compliance”, but being a supposed religious man who’s faith says homosexuality is a terrible sin, but still being able to practice it is well….pretty selective in my book.

Apparently, according to the report, Pashtun men interpret the Islamic prohibition on homosexuality to mean they cannot “love” another man — but that doesn’t mean they can’t use men for “sexual gratification.”

So it is all how you interpret it I guess. They say “perception is reality” and in this case I guess Afghan men don’t perceive themselves as homosexuals, so they aren’t. It is all how you justify it in your mind. When we would talk to our Afghan Army counterparts about why two men are snuggling together in a bed or why the Kandak Commander keeps young boys with him all the time, they commonly say it is ok because they are “deployed away from home”. I guess it doesn’t matter that for some “home” is only a few hours drive away and they get there at least every two months.

In a blog written by my former ETT teammate and guest Blogger on my site, The Dude. He wrote about men having a hard time understanding why his wife can’t get pregnant. That blog titled ” Can You Look At My Wife? ” was written in May, 2009. If you read that, then the statement below from the story should be no surprise.

The U.S. army medic also told members of the research unit that she and her colleagues had to explain to a local man how to get his wife pregnant.
The report said: “When it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked, ‘How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.'”

You can read the whole story at the link below and see for yourself what Man-Love Thursday is all about.

Enshala My Friends

40 thoughts on “And you thought I was lying about Man-Love Thursdays”

  1. My first experience with man-love Thursday was way out in the wilds of Afghanistan near Wazir Pass. I was on a joint ANA and US Marine patrol in May of 2005. We set up overlooking a town called Khogyani. That night, in the ANA tent next to me, there was a whole lot of shaking and giggling going on. The next morning I commented to the Marine staff sergeant in charge of the patrol about the all night ruckus. He laughed. And then he informed me about Man Love Thursday.

  2. I think this type of thing happens in western society as well.
    Some men enjoy a little “Man to Man Action” but feel they are not homosexual. They dont love men or act effeminite, it’s just that sometimes they take what’s available. This happens a lot with men at war and in prison.

    On the other hand I certainly see your point about it’s pervasivness and acceptence in Afghanistan among the Pashtuns as being bizarre considering their religious beliefs.

    And I certainly condemn the underage sex going on over there.

  3. they’ve been doing it that way there for thousands of years – for them it is normal

    in many other places around the world they marry off girls as young as 9,10, 11 or 12 and expect them to have sex and make babies

    just because someone may have been indoctrinated into a particular set of “moral” beliefs based upon the religion they’ve been indoctrinated into doesn’t give them the right to judge others

    the human body is capable of sex from very early on – from puberty onward it desires it … our nearest relative in the animal kindgom – the bonobo – uses sex as a tension-release mechanism to keep their society functioning and cohesive

    as for the religious contradictions – “Islam says it’s wrong” “but only to ‘love'” blah blah, the Bible also says you can kill your children if they disrespect you – care to apply that one?

    1. So they’ve been “doing it for thousands of years” does that make it right? Obviously, you are a relativist, and good is relative to you. I suppose a relativist like you wouldn’t mind if you were raped; it was good for the rapist. Good, bad, these concepts are meaningless until “bad” happens to you.
      I’ve read the Bible. I don’t recall seeing that verse. Please quote for me. I do know the Quran 18:65-81 lays the foundation for honor killing.
      Maybe you crave hot monkey sex like your nearest relative, but don’t speak for the rest of us. Besides, it is NO excuse for child prostitution, or rape. Seriously reconsider defending this abomination. It should not be tolerated EVER regardless of the religious beliefs of anyone. If you are a muslim, this is not a subject that should encourage solidarity.

        1. Bouhammer, you don’t know how the comments work on your own blog? Look who she’s responding to.She’s responding to the guy with a hard on for bonobo monkeys.

            1. Plato, I agree. I know the true value of morality. See when you are required to take another human life, or many lives it teaches you what is really valuable in this world.

        1. I was in. Which career field is it that you can do that? Jesus, they gave us all these stupid rules about firing into civilian areas that we couldn’t always return fire. Whatever career field it is that you’re talking about, sounds much safer than the current rules of engagement. Being allowed to ignore civilians would’ve allowed for a lot of good men to come home. Luckily we’re all happy to take the risk in order to help people there (and those of our military that are against it, most often do not complain; even though they didn’t come home the same). I was a medic and often involved in humanitarian missions and we were often thanked in tears and emotional handshakes for helping their loved ones. And yes, that means we used american tax dollar for non war related injuries. Luckily our presence will soon end in particular areas and we won’t be given the burden of protecting people from a different culture and region.

          Maybe you can organize a better group to make a difference in those areas “Plado”. I’m sure you’ve made much more of a positive impact on other peoples lives with your accomplishments.

    2. radii, I just love it when atheists attempt to preach Christian theology.

      Please read some explanations of the differences between the old covenant and the new covenant before the next attempt.

    3. I’m going to judge the f–k out of them. As a matter of fact, I judge anyone who sources his moral guidance from “sacred” books written by iron age peasants. (Islam, Christianity, whatever…it’s all fairy tales and nonsense.) It doesn’t take belief in made-up stories to understand the concept of “do unto others…” And I’m going to judge third-world barbarism of child rape, genital mutilation and slavery, too. It all sucks.

  4. Just found out about Man Love Thursday today from a soldier in my husbands unit that is currently deployed to Afghanland. So my question is why Thursday’s?! And if they can’t love another man just sleep with them why’s it called Man Love Thursday?! Lol

    1. I agree with Heather. Whats wrong with what she’s said? And why the fuck would you tell her to “get a fucking life”? Who the fuck do you think you are? Believe me you jackass that there are a lot of people that will agree with Heather.

  5. I have been hearing about this and so I believe 100% it’s true and it maybe a culture thing, it seems to be all over the middle east. Afghans I have been hearing more just cause they are the ones coming home now but Iraq was the same. We have gay people here that’s fine, I don’t get all “the bible” on it because I know the 2 greatest commandments and to judge not…I do have a problem with this though. Why isn’t this reported? Is it slander to tell the truth that interpreters are being raped, gay sex is practiced regularly, and woman are married off young and treated, how ever they are being treated. Is it wrong to let the people of America that most of the Afghan Nat. smoke opium and sleep with with really young boys? My point is if it’s not wrong and its there culture and to each his/her own, why hide it? Is it because america would say “lets get out of there and be done with this madness”.. I don’t know, just what I think..

    1. been hearing this for a few years now…. No one is telling America about the culture we are fighting for… Is it, not a lost cause, but maybe not a cause that is “winable from a western standpoint”

      1. I don’t care where the fuck you’re born, kids can’t speak up against gun toting assholes you fuck them in the ass with there permission or not! This disgusts me on so many levels. I don’t give a lick about your personal conduct if it pertains to two CONSENTING adults. But put your weapons down, your dick does enough damage… I wonder if rape is ramped. I am sad that sex is viewed in such an accepting and violent manner. I bet every woman who gave birth, no matter where they did so, feel the same. Sending love to those who don’t have a voice.

        1. I agree with Linsey, what adults do is up to them. When it is to do with kids or someone who is not willing then sorry, that is wrong no matter the culture.

          1. You forget that the idea of a child or kid as something unique or special is a recent development of Western society. Previously in the West, children were just unformed adults. This is why they could be married off at 12 years old, even to a man in his 60’s. This is why children were worked nearly to death in coal mines and factories. If you look at old paintings, children look like miniaturized adults. They were not portrayed with their over-sized heads, the way they actually look. This is because childhood was not recognized as a special state.

            So, in Afghanistan, children don’t have these rights that you grew up with. Get over yourself. There’s a whole world out there of people who believe differently than you. They really don’t care what you think as you eat your Pringles and watch Dr. Phil.

            1. Pebbles, are you the local president of NAMBLA or something you sick F*CK. There is a huge difference between being considered an adult and being raped. How many adults get rapes and molested and it is considered OK because they are an adult? Your argument is wrong in every way and makes no sense. You have lots of “knowledge” of how it was back in the day. Were you alive and around in those times? I doubt it, at least not when kids were viewed the way you said, so you are just full on conjecture and assumptions.

              Look at the comments on this blog post alone and you will not see a sample of a “whole world out there of people” that think different than me. You are truly a great example of what we call in the military a CLASS-A FUCKTARD. Until you have seen these Afghan kids come up to you with tears in their eyes and scars on their bodies and their souls stolen, then you need to STFU. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. Why the fuck would you judge people? Who gives you that fucking right?
    FYI; afghans may have one night a week “man love Thursday night” go back and look into US cultural the accepted the gay people who always get in th butt as part of their life’s. it’s only poor afghan who we always talk about but when it comes to our own cultural we are all blinds.

  7. Even though one can come here and leave a comment and not look to be blasting people all over the world for the things they do, the truth is that these things still happen. It still happens and has always happened as long as Humans have been on this earth. It also honestly does not make any of these actions a good or just thing to do, no matter where or when you are from.

  8. We had the same problem with the Iraqi guards at Camp Bucca. We would find them in the porta johns. Not exactly find them but on more than one occasion I saw two come out of one porta john at the same time. Not sure how two guys can use the same porta john at the same time.

  9. “Mike”, or is it “Mohammed”? lol Anyway, it is clear that English is not your first language, but you sure managed the F word didn’t you? ANYONE who molests a child or animal is sick and I do not care what country you come from, it’s still disgusting and sick!! 🙁

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