Milblogger and dear friend needs your help

My very close friend and brother in arms, brother in milblogging, brother in You Served Radio show hosting, Mr. CJ Grisham needs your help. Anyone that has read this blog for more than a day know that CJ and I are partnered in several endevours together and are always doing things to raise money for troop-supporting groups or at least highlight them so others know about these groups. He an I started together, we both write at and of course, along with our Producer Marcus we run the You Served Radio Show together.

Someone else anyone who reads this blog probably knows is that CJ and his family have went through one hell of a time in the last few months. I wrote about it in depth HERE. Well in addition to the phone calls, letters and emails that many of you did, he is very humbly asking for assistance.

I’ve always been very bashful about asking for anything for myself. However, I feel like I must humble myself and ask for help on my own behalf in this instance.

In September, my kids brought home a note from their school stating that the school would transition to uniforms beginning in January — midway through the school year. Naturally, this concerned me as the cost for each kid (I have two who would be affected) would be at least $400. A note home to parents assured us that the principal would entertain concerns during the upcoming “uniform fashion show.” However, the principal ended that meeting without answering a question, even though numerous hands were up. After that meeting, I organized parents with concerns and began a letter-writing and phone-calling campaign to members of the school board and media. We succeeded in getting the uniform issue tabled until next year. But parents still weren’t given a voice about whether we even wanted uniforms.

Instead of deal with me and other parents who disagreed with her new policy, the school’s principal began contacting the Army with fictitious complaints that I had threatened her. She pointed to posts on my personal blog about her behavior at the meeting as proof. However, after being referred to military investigators, they concluded that I had never issued any threats through email, blog or otherwise. I collected letters from other parents attesting to my behavior at the meeting.

Unfortunately, the Army took what the principal was saying at face value and formally counseled me. Suddenly, I was a trouble maker after 15 years of honorable service. The Army practically forced me to shut down my blog, though the decision was mine alone and no orders were given to do it.

At a PTA meeting a few weeks later, I again tried to present a motion to discuss the school uniform issue with the members of the association. It was shot down by the principal and the PTA president. I was harassed the entire evening by school security officials. Thankfully, I decided it would be prudent to record that meeting. When school officials again began contacting the Army about my supposedly threatening and disrespectful behavior at the meeting, I published the video on my blog to clear my name. This didn’t sit well with school officials and only emboldened them to step up their claims and use the military to force me to take down the videos — the only piece of evidence I had to prove my innocence.

The principal even used my PTSD to try and bolster her claims that I was a dangerous menace to her and her goals.

Because of these actions, I am pursuing a lawsuit to clear my name and force the school system to admit they overstepped their bounds by denying my right to participate in my children’s education and attempt to ruin my career. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to tackle this sort of lawsuit on my own. Because of this situation, my wife and I felt the need to relocate our kids after being singled out on more than one occasion by teachers and school staff. We took our kids to live with their grandparents until my orders allowed me to relocate in December. That trip cost us over $1,400, plus another $1,500 in maintenance on our elderly van, which completely wiped out our savings.

So, I’m asking if you’ll help me. I need to raise $7,000 just to pay for the retainer and initial filing of the lawsuit.

I am reaching out through various avenues to help raise the money. I’ve enlisted the help of local media, talk shows and blogs to help me raise the money. Fellow milbloggers are reaching into their pockets and tapping their readers as well. My neighbors and local Huntsville citizens are donating to a local fund at a bank where I’m stationed.

In one week, I move to Fort Hood for the next stage of my military service. I need to at least have the retainer and initial fees raised before I leave. Anything you can do is much appreciated no matter how small.

There are a few ways you can help. On my blog, there is a Paypal link that can used to send money instantly through a debit or credit card. All money sent through that link will go into this fund. You can also mail checks or money orders to:

Grisham Legal Fund
c/o Redstone Federal Credit Union
220 Wynn Drive
Huntsville, AL 35893

Please write “Grisham Legal Fund” in the memo line if you use this option.

This has been an especially difficult time for my family as we’ve been separated from our kids for over a month. We look forward to reuniting with them for Christmas. This case is not about me versus the school district. It’s about parental rights and the limits of our educators in dealing with parental concerns, especially when those parents are in the military.

Thank you in advance and God bless you all during this holiday season.

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  1. Thanks for the address. I went to the site and watched the video sometime back. This is a situation that truly got out of hand because of the overbearing behavior of those in charge of the meeting and the security guard. The adage that “power corrupts” comes to mind. There was no doubt in my mind they were trying to bait Mr. Grisham to react. Mr. Grisham is pursuing the best course to send a message to these folks that their abuse of parents both in and out of the military is unacceptable. God Bless the Grisham Family for their service to this country.

  2. I have been reading about this ridiculous school situation for a while and I am going to tell your kind loyal and good friend, CJ Grisham what I think.

    You have not been on a college campus lately. Had you been, you would have found fear and hatred for our military and our flag. The academic community is the vortex of this sadness. You didn’t have a chance. You were surrounded and out numbered. Their perceptions are based on ignorance and innuendo for the military and sadly for republicans, seen in the same prism.

    Example. I was a very well thought of substitute teacher in a difficult school. When it came up that I was a republican, and nothing more, the temperature in the teachers room went to below freezing and never came back. That was all it took. That the incentive to mistrust and dislike was so small was the real story.
    So imagine the effect you had when seen through the lens of their shrewd vision of our democracy.
    You never had a chance. It was over before you sat down.
    I surely don’t know the law where you are, My husband is a lawyer in RI and I work for him, This means, I know how to send a fax. But what are you suing for ? What outcome are you seeking? Was a law broken.What duty did the school board have to you, which was promised but not met.?
    Don’t get me wrong.f Fight any battle no matter how small, but understand in this case, you re fighting city hall and win or lose, you will never be close to the root of the problem.
    the root I think goes back probably to the’40’s. Telling the ugly truths about our governments, counties clumsy or even evil mishandling of a variety National and international situation became all the rage on college campuses. Indeed the school who could boast the most gratuitous shock effect became the “it girl” of academia.
    That’s all well and good. But, America can stand up to it’s history and still out shine ANY country in the history of the world. We seek what is right and it will be out downfall, oddly enough.
    When people look at the past through the morality of the present, they do history a mis-justice and they have understood nothing of the past.
    American academia has become a universe of light weights who understand nothing while claiming to understand best. You are a victim of their ignorance.
    I’m gong to send you some $$. Not much, I’m sorry to say, we are paying my daughters college loans.
    God Bless you and your beautiful family,
    Dorothy , Mother of John, US ARMY
    .-= dghealy´s last blog ..David Grier =-.

  3. I have noticed one thing as I grow older and angrier. I believe it to be true. We have not had leadership committed to winning anything since WW2. And part of that pattern inlcudes turning warfare over to administrators and removing warriors from the scene. Putting muzzles on the wrong folks is part of the process. The only thing that needs muzzled in our society now is DC as a group and its clones. The clones are those who are hurting this soldier. I know that soldiers cede many of their rights, but they crossed the line when they did not support him in that school system and he did not violate his other when he criticized Obama. Our oath to the CinC is for lawful orders and the CinC, not the man. When the man does not fulfill his own oath he voids his own leadership and orders. It is impossible then for the soldier to fail to follow orders because no lawful order has been given. It is the officers in his Chain of Command who have failed. Just one old vet’s opinion.

  4. You are at Redstone Arsenal, if I read this correctly. You need to contact They are in Huntsville and can help. They are broadcast over the internet radio show from Austin, Texas. You can either call them directly in Huntsville or call through the Austin number. I would not pursue a civil law suite until I had file the criminal charges of “filing false official statements with a federal officer” and about 6 others.
    If Bill Grisham is your Dad, he hasmy email address.
    I was stationed at Redstone twice. Huntsville was never nice to the military.

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