‘Good’ and ‘New’ News on missing soldier Bowe Bergdahl

I threw up a tweet this morning questioning if anyone else was wondering what had happened to this missing soldier that walked off his base at Sharana PRT Afghanistan back on June 30th. Well within minutes I was sent some links with very recent updates. So here is the latest on PFC Bergdahl that came out on December 5th.

A series of e-mails to a medical office in New Jersey may contain credible news that U.S. Army Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl is “alive and doing well” following his capture by Taliban militants in Afghanistan in July.
The e-mails, which apparently came from village leaders and local doctors in Afghanistan, have been forwarded to the U.S. State Department. However, case liaison Lt. Col. Tim Marsano, public affairs officer for the Idaho National Guard, said he has received no official response to the messages.
According to a story in the Nov. 30 issue of the New Jersey Star Ledger in Newark, Dr. Vince Moss and Dr. Vance Moss of Howell, N.J., identical twins who are majors in the Army Reserve, received the e-mails. Over the past three years, they provided medical services in Iraq and Afghanistan, including in eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan.
The story reported that the Moss brothers earned the trust of Afghans because they concentrated on children, including the children of warlords and tribal chiefs.
The doctors reportedly received warnings of impending Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and a report that Bergdahl was “still alive and doing well.”
When the sources accurately predicted a bombing in Mehtar Lam, a provincial capital in the country’s east, the doctors decided to take the e-mails seriously and forward the information they received to the State Department.

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