Dear Mr. President:

Now that I’ve had a few days to ingest, digest, and perform my own mission analysis on your new plan for Afghanistan, I’m a bit concerned.  My concerns are based from my experiences of being on one end of the spectrum at the tip of of the spear defending freedom in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border regions, to the opposite end of that spectrum in Kuwait serving in the logistical nerve center for both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  My good friend Bouhammer has already brought up on his blog many excellent points in the pros and cons to your new plan, and now I’m going to take a few minutes to point out some more.

Until last Tuesday, our primary mission in Kuwait has been to meet your timeline for the responsible withdrawl of forces in OIF.  The elements on the ground at the nerve center have spent many hours developing different courses of action in order to accomplish this mission that you had outlined earlier this year.  However, we were also aware that after General McChrystal ’s request earlier this fall for additional troops, we would be simultaneously tasked with a parallel primary mission to support.  I must admit that the length of time (3 months) that you took to finally decided (its one thing to analyze your options but over thinking is obvious here) on a plan to surge the OEF forces and then stating that you want the majority of those forces in place within 6 months really caught us with our pants down.  Apparently you didn’t consider the effects of winter weather in Afghanistan.  There are reasons why operations almost completely shut down during the winter months, let alone trying to shove 30,000 new troops on the ground at this time.  If the logistical world could’ve had 2 of those 3 months back that you used on making your decision, then we might have been able to attain your 6 month timeline and still juggle around enough helping hands to continue with the OIF withdrawl (which itself is a huge tasking).  I won’t get started on your timeline of after 18 months we will start our withdrawl from OEF, because most of the new troops will still be less then 12 months on the ground.

Now I don’t want to come off as a complete naysayer.  The elements of the military have been given a task by their President and we will do everything within our abilities to accomplish this mission.  Mr. President, I’m going to inform you that over the course of the next 6-8 months you will be unhappy as a result of the slower then expected withdrawl from Iraq and not having all of your new troops on the ground in Afghanistan.  Then you will have the loonies on the left and the war hawks on the right equally upset with you.  I’m just giving you my concerns as I’m looking at it from the logistical nerve center and the rumblings I’m hearing from within.

Click on the link below to get a behind the scenes look at the President’s decision making process:


Live Free or Die Trying!

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  1. Thank you for your service to ur great country and your honesty regarding the consequences of current events. Though not a soldier myself, I am fighting foe Liberty here at home with my art and political writing. I wish you a safe mission and return home.

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