So PFC Bowe Bergdahl is back in the news now that another video has been released. Of course the idiot terrorist from Nigeria who tried to blow up the NWA flight in Detroit took over the headlines by late in the day on Christmas. But the bottom line is now that Bowe’s captors released a video of him, his name is back in the news. I know I have asked a few times on this blog an on twitter what has been happening with him, but he has been absent in the news.

Of course back in late November when word was passed to some respected American soldier doctors about Bergdahl, there were some small blips in the news about him, but nothing really nationally. The new video is out, but it is not a proof of life as they offer no proof of when the footage was filmed.

We have an American citizen and soldier missing in Afghanistan, so why doesn’t that stay at the top of the news. Is it becuase the American people don’t care? Is it because the story gets boring for the MSM after a day? Is it because the family is very private and not in front of the cameras with pictures and tears? Or is it becuase the Army is sitting on all information about this matter becuase of the way he disappeared by walking off his base?

Regardless of why, because all that matters is that he is missing. Between the National POW/MIA organization, Warrior Ethos, etc. “leaving no man behind” should be more than a cool slogan. It should be the main mission of our country and military. Even if this young man performed acts that warrant a trial by court-martial and imprisonment after he is rescued, he still deserves to have every resource we can muster to rescue him.

Our Government, along with groups like the ACLU bend over backwards to appease every American who complains about the smallest of things (especially at Christmas time) in order to protect each American’s “rights”, and most of those Americans have never done anything to serve this country or earn their keep. The least our Government and our President should do is make rescuing Bergdahl and any other missing or captured American the #1 priority right now.