Bill, Perk, Steven and the boys from Bridge of Sighs

Thanks to my efforts co-hosting You Served Radio I have become good friends with Tom Neely from the band Bridge of Sighs ( We have had them on the show several times and he has convinced the band to really step up and donate a lot to some great charities. They have donated several copies of their CDs to the You Served online ebay store (, which we have sold off to raise money for Soldiers’ Angels (

Well the guys from Bridge of Sighs went and did a 3rd trip to Gitmo in as many years. This time they took Bill Whittle from PJTV, comedian Steven Crowder and extra guest vocalist, Perk. Yep, just one name…Perk.

Anyway, Bill is creating a video diary from the trip that includes still pics, audio commentary and of course video. So far he has it broken up into 2 parts and they also have an extra 3rd video that is just a compilation of what Steven witnessed down there. I encourage you to go and check these videos out as they really bring it home as to what our great men and women are doing around the world and how some Americans with some talents are trying to use those in order to lighten up the day and bring some of home to those that are away from home.

Bill’s Video Diary 1

Bill’s Video Diary 2

Steven’s Footage

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