In a rare fatal incident, two American troops have drowned in Afghanistan, while trying to recover equipment from a northwestern river, security officials say.

The soldiers died on Wednesday, while trawling in the Badghis province’s Bala-Murghab River for lost supply packages, the area’s Deputy Police Chief Mohammed Jabbar told a Press TV correspondent.

The supplies were lost as a US aircraft was dropping caissons and food parcels on the troops’ base.

It is such a waste and so sad that these two brave Sergeants had to die this way. It either goes to show how important those supplies were that one of them risked his life to retrieve them from a fast-moving river or that he was that dedicated to being a soldier and making sure no supplies were lost. It does show that one soldier cared so much about his “battle-buddy” that he ignored the risks and jumped in after his buddy to save him, but lost his own life.

It is stories like this that make me want to work harder at what I do, as I work with the folks that have influence in the technologies into making sure that supply drops are more accurate and don’t end up in a tragedy like this. I feel for the families of these brave and courageous young men.