Another example that Afghanistan is not Iraq

I have said those worlds on this blog more times than I can remember. Anyone that I know who has been to both has said the same exact thing and told me I was dead on with that statement. Now it seems yet another soldier with experience in both reinforces the idea yet again.

“Before deploying here we were given training on language, culture, everything. I thought that since I was an Iraq combat veteran, I didn’t need any of that stuff. I was wrong. Both countries may be Muslim but this is a totally different place,” says Sgt. Michael McCann, returning from a patrol in the east-central province of Logar.

Another example is the terrain:

Soldiers and officers involved in combat operations all cite the more punishing geography and climate, those focused on development the bare-bones infrastructure, and intelligence specialists the even greater difficulties in identifying the insurgents as among the many sharp contrasts between Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The sheer terrain of Afghanistan is much more challenging: the mountains, the altitudes, severity of weather, the distances. That wears on an army,” says Maj. Joseph Matthews, a battalion operations officer in the 10th Mountain Division. “You can flood Baghdad with soldiers but if you want to flood the mountains you are going to need huge numbers and logistics.”

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5 thoughts on “Another example that Afghanistan is not Iraq”

  1. In the immortal words of my daughter, “Duh!” Gentlemen, I believe a trip to the library might be in order. I suggest “Afghanistan” by Stephan Tanner (these tactical problems have been around forever), “Soldiers of God: With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan” by Robert D. Kaplan (these guys have been at it for a while), and “Flashman: A Novel” by George MacDonald Fraser (threats the 1841 Anglo-Afghan War, but things don’t change a hell of a lot there–also involves sex, booze, and what passes for rock & roll back then). If you’re still interested, read what the Russians and the Brits wrote about the fun they had in Afghanistan.

  2. When I see young men walking among poppy fields and the Administration saying they want to cripple the Taliban economy, is there somekind on VIDEODROME going on? Am I really hearing and seeing this?
    I grew up learning about WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
    WWII alot of sacrifice and 2 atomic bombs. Korea, I was born the year it ended. Good reason to end a “Police Action”.
    Vietnam. War on PrimeTime. Napalm like Hollywood never thought of.
    My point. Combine the tactics. Drop leaflets over every opium plantation stating the obvious, “This field will be napalmed within the next few days. Leave or die.” Napalm every satellite and observation drone spied field, send in the Warthogs, or whatever aircraft is best suitable for delivering the napalm and destroy their money infrastructure, all of it. Is the cost of Petroeum Jelly and Gas worth more than one soilder, MY SOLDIER. I don’t want MY SOLDIER to die or end up walking on two titanium legs. Tell me why this doesn’t happen? Do we get medical opium products from there. Or do our Corporations? Burn em’. Please Burn em’

  3. I found this post when looking for the phrase “Afghanistan is not Iraq” (take a look at my blog and you’ll see why ) I couldn’t resist weighing in on this latest comment by Robin, which is rather frightening – AFGHANS DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ!!!! There is 80% illiteracy rate here… which is another reason that Afghanistan is NOT Iraq, or Vietnam or Korea. Afghans would simply take any dropped leaflets and use them for kindling, never knowing the strange markings were warnings.

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