You know You’re an ETT/PMT When TShirt design now available

I am so glad to announce another new T-shirt design in the Bouhammer Gear Store. This one is a funny one, or at least funny to those that have been Embedded Trainers  and Police Mentors to the Afghanistan National Army and Police. I relied on my own experiences, along with those from many other ETTs and PMTs to come up with this list. There were so many good ideas from people, that it was tough to narrow it down to the original idea of a “Top 10” list. So we had to make it a “Top 12” list.

What makes it so funny is that everything is true. The actual printing is very clear to see, but the graphic below is tough. You can find the actual text of the list below. This graphic can be placed on the front or back of the shirt. The T-shirts this is printed on come in a variety of colors, so be sure and look through the list.

This design is now available on the Bouhammer Gear Store. You can click HERE to go to the order form or click the image below. Also note this is the cheapest Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirt design yet. In working with the folks from, we were able to bring the price down to a hopefully affordable price for all, $18.95. We also have the shipping down to bare-bottom prices at only $3.35. You can’t beat that for a price on a sharp looking, high-quality shirt and have it shipped to your house. And don’t forget, there is no sales tax on purchases at the Bouhammer Gear Store.

You Know You’re An ETT/PMT When..

1. You find yourself becoming the commo repairman, mechanic, armorer, carpenter, medic, and entertainer because you are too far out for support.
2. You start stripping your gear down to “lighten the load”.
3. You look to your left and right in a firefight and see more Afghans than Americans fighting with you.
4. Right before you begin a mission you aren’t surprised that your ANA/ANP don’t have food, water, or fuel in their vehicles.
5. You realize the ANA/ANP can always fit one more soldier in the back of a Ford Ranger.
6. You miss your time by 30 minutes and you think “That’s Pretty Good”.
7. You use INSH’ALLAH to your Chain of Command when something bad happens.
8. You walk into a Green Bean Coffee and they don;t know your order automatically.
9. You consider close air support and medevacs a privilege, not a requirement.
10. Nobody has ever heard of the Forward Operating Base you’re from.
11. You know the name of the local Taliban Commander but not the guy who’s supposed to send you supplies.
12. You consider a ball cap and a shemagh a normal part of your uniform.

You Know You Are an ETT/PMT When…


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