New ETT Team T-shirt Design available for pre-order

I am excited to announce another addition to the Bouhammer Gear Store. This design was done by members of the ETT team that were in Gulistan, Afghanistan from 2007-2008 and the actual graphics work man-hours were donated by Solari Creative.

The design was created by the team and for the team, but they wanted to open it up to anyone who may like it. Since they are not looking to make any money, the team is donating 100% of any proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt to the Wounded Warrior Project. This shirt is located on one of my T-shirt partner sites, You can get to it by clicking HERE. The shipping is only $3.35 and the T-shirt only cost $19.95.

A Zoomed in view of the graphic is below;
ETT Rogue logo

What the graphic says is “ETT Rogue 1-2, Gulistan Afghanistan, Dropping Bombs with a Smile”.

This design is in a special PRE-ORDER timeframe until Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2009. After that day, then all the shirts will start getting produced.

4 thoughts on “New ETT Team T-shirt Design available for pre-order”

  1. Proud to say I now have my ETT Rogue and the famous Bouhammer You Know When Your an ETT When T-shirts! Hope everyone follows this for the good cause its serving.

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