Deadliest Month…Again

It is really getting old to keep typing the same posts every month or two about how a new record has been set about it being the deadliest month. August was really bad, but October has gotten much worse and the month is not even over yet. Of course this should come as no surprise. We are actively going after an enemy with more vigor and more troops than ever before during the time that they tend to try and do as much damage as possible before retreating back across the mountains of Pakistan for the winter.

October and even November in some places are worse in combat action than the summer months. The fair-weather fighters that normally face off against the coalition don’t like to fight in the cold, and have a hard time with their motorcycles trying to escape in the snow-filled wadis. So they like to go out with a bang and leave an impression that they hope carries the fear amongst the people over the winter months. Of course they still attack with the random suicide bomber or car bomb just to remind all they are still around.

I know there is a lot being said about the President’s inability to make a decision on if he should surge or not. I don’t know how much he has to see in order to make a decision, but I wish he would hurry up and be the Commander-in-Chief he is charged to be. The reality is that these deaths would have not have been avoided even if he had made the decision back on August 29th when GEN McChrystal sent it. It takes time to ramp up the troops, move them and logistics, etc. Heck, there probably is not even space anywhere, on any FOB in Afghanistan to take tens of thousands of more troops right now. All of that infrastructure has to be put into place.

Since this is an asymmetrical fight, there are no forward or rear lines. This means they can’t simply drop the troops in the desert and say live here. As the threat is 360 degrees. Hence why we live on FOBs with 360 degree security.

Of course this does not excuse the President from making a decision, but I want to be fair here and say I am not blaming his inability to decide and act like a leader for the loss of all these brave souls right now. However there will be a point in time around January or February that if troops are not in place we can put the blame on this stall in the decision-making process.

4 thoughts on “Deadliest Month…Again”

  1. Thanks so much for your ongoing thoughts and commentary. I really do appreciate your insights and look forward to reading your posts. All the best,

  2. Thank you for not taking the easy-way out & just bashing and bitching like so many others are doing. And pointing out a few hard truths that people either seem to avoid or totally ignore in a quest to be the loudest.
    Please keep you your great work; a sane voice is a precious thing these days!

  3. Do you think it is wrong for the CIC to take the time necessary to reassess the situation before committing more troops? I mean your argument is not exactly airtight. If all we needed was a CIC to ‘rubber stamp’ a field commanders request then why bother having a CIC in the first place? Why not just make Gen. McC president? All you guys who are in such a rush for the CIC to ‘make a decision’ on a single recommendation need to chill the f-out. When the CIC first tasked Gen McC with providing a troop estimate that was based on a host of assumptions that the elections might be legitimate, that the Pakis could make headway in South Waziristan, on NATO commitment, and the list goes on. Well many of those original assumptions have changed. So why is is not reasonable to take into account the facts as they are today and not base the troop decisions on information which is out dated?

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