September 11th Eight Years Later

I truly feel that time heals pain, but if you were directly and personally effected by the the events of September 11th, 2001 or if you are a true patriotic American then even eight years later that pain comes back, and it should. We should still feel that pain even once a year if no other time of the year. We should use this day to thank a veteran, or active serving military member. We should use this day to wave at or shake the hand of any first responder or law enforcement member you see. We should use this day to just be kinder to your fellow Americans.


The Entrance to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial


With all of the bad that happened on September 11th, the one good thing that came out of it was Americans treated each other kindly and with respect. They slowed down and paid attention to each other. They noticed each other and greeted one another. They helped each other. For that reason I say be kinder to your fellow Americans.



NYC Skyline with the Tribute in Lights on 9/11/06 (Photo by RFC Graphics)


My fear is that if we don’t feel the pain, if we don’t look at the images, if we try to ignore or hide that the terrible day ever happened then we will forget what that day was really like just like most of this country forgot what December 7th, 1941 was like.



9/11/01 Memorial at Arlington honoring all of those lost on that day right behind the section where all of those who died on that day are buried.



9/11 Victims section, by themselves with Memorial behind them


Last night on You Served Radio we had a very special 9/11 Tribute show where we spent the second hour of the show reading the biographies and stories of some of those who were lost on that terrible day. VSW066_Bouhammer_911_pocketWe read stories from people who represented all 3 locations where planes went down.

One of the stories read was one that was close to a friend of mine. LTC Kip Taylor was killed at the Pentagon while working at his desk. I encourage you to check out You Served Radio and listen to last night’s special show to learn a little bit about the sacrifices that Kip Taylor and his family have made.



LTC Kip Taylor’s Memorial Bench at the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial




The exact point of impact on the Pentagon

See we are now eight years later, and the pain is still there. The images of people jumping to their deaths from the top of the World Trade Center because they would rather die that way than burn to death should still be etched in your psyche.

The sounds of the the passengers yelling and fighting with the hijackers of Flight 93 as it nose-dived into a Pennsylvania field should still be echoing in your ears.

The tears that I think all Americans shed on that day eight years ago should still be felt wetting your cheeks.

It may have been eight years, but eight years is not enough to forget yet. And eight years is not enough time to forgive, so when I read how a majority of the American people are starting to think we don’t belong in Afghanistan or that the war has went on too long it makes me sick to my stomach. Sick because many in America have lost their stomach, they lost the pain and anger they had on September 12th, when they were yelling for revenge.


The World Trade Center Pit in April 2003


How is it this country went from yelling for blood one day and then eight years later we feel bad for known terrorists that were directly responsible for this horrific act getting some water poured on a towel over their faces? How is it that we feel we have to apologize for doing whatever we needed to in order to get information from enemies of this country in order to save more American lives? How is it that we feel we need to be sorry and apologize for being at war? We didn’t start this war, but I will be damned if we aren’t going to finish it.

Buck UP America, and stick with it. Now is not the time to cut and run, otherwise we threw away thousands of lives that were lost on September 11th and every day since in the war in Afghanistan. DSCN0889

WE MUST DEMAND VICTORY and nothing less from our leaders and our military. There are NO OTHER OPTIONS. WE MUST NEVER FORGET.

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