President uses 5 methods to measure Afghanistan

According to the Taiwan News Online via the Associated Press and their sources, the President has 5 criteria for measuring GEN McChrystal’s assessment of Afghanistan and any request for additional Troops.

The senior White House official, speaking anonymously to detail Obama’s thinking, said the concern about how Afghans, Americans and NATO allies would view a troop increase was part of five broad measurements the president was applying to the assessment and an expected request for more troops. The other concerns, the official said, are:

_How force size changes might be countered by al-Qaida propaganda and tactics.

_What impact any change would have on neighboring and nuclear-armed Pakistan, where the al-Qaida leadership, including Osama bin Laden, are believed hiding along the rugged, mountainous border.

_The effect on the "health" of U.S. forces, already strained from repeated deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

_How more forces effectively would propel Obama’s goal of denying al-Qaida and its Taliban allies havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


You can read the entire story HERE.

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