New Bouhammer Gear Store Sept 11th Tribute Shirt and Decal Available

I am so happy to announce that we have our 2nd original design available in the Bouhammer Gear Store. This one is a joint design between the great guys at Vision Strike Wear and myself. This design is also coming out just in time for the 8th Anniversary of the terrible attacks on this country on September 11th, 2001.

We wanted to honor all the victims of the attacks by representing all three locations that planes went down. As with the other shirts in the Bouhammer Gear Store, the main graphic can be customized to appear on the front or the back of the shirt. However if you get it on the back, you also have the option (for free) to have the special graphic honoring all three locations printed on the front left chest area. This graphic is also available as a decal in the Bouhammer Gear Store.


Front Left Chest pocket design/decal

The main design concept is a composite from several different photos taken when I was in Afghanistan. It has been tweaked some to give it originality and to give the design a look and feel we felt was important. In other words, the front design says we acknowledge what you (Al-Qaeda/Taliban) did to us, and the back says now this is what we are doing to you in response.


9/11 Tribute design

Not only is this new design being unveiled for ordering today, but also a whole new line of items to have it printed on.

Starting with this design (but the other designs will soon have these available too), you can not only get this printed on a men’s style T-shirt, but we not have available Hooded Sweatshirts, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Men’s Tank Tops, Women’s Relaxed Fit T-shirts and Women’s Spaghetti Tank Tops.

So please check out the Bouhammer Gear Store today to take a look at and hopefully order not only this new timely design, but also any other of the designs we have.

Don’t forget that just like all the other shirts in the Gear Store, 100% of the proceeds are going to some awesome troop-supporting charities. Check out the Bouhammer Gear Store to learn more.

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