Milblogger and Friend CJ Grisham Interviewed About PTSD

My very close friend, fellow milblogger, fellow senior NCO and You Served Radio co-host CJ Grisham was recently interviewed by a local news station about this recent decision to “come out” about the issues he is dealing with from his tour in Iraq and how he is trying to seek help.

If you aren’t lucky enough to know CJ as well as I do, here is a chance to look into his soul and see what a great man, soldier and leader he is.

3 comments on “Milblogger and Friend CJ Grisham Interviewed About PTSD
  1. Carol Steward says:

    My heart goes out to CJ, you, your Dad and all of our troops that have had to bear the horrible sights of wars.
    I am so happy CJ is seeking help because he is also a good example for other troops; besides the fact that he himself will benefit. Being the leader that CJ is; I am very proud of him and wish I could hug his neck.

  2. I have respected CJ from the moment I “met” him online and spoke with him on the phone… this proves to me more than ever he is a man of courage and honor and a true leader.

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