Many problems with new GI Bill

I have heard of many problems with the new GI Bill. It is just not working as fast as needed and is leaving many young men and women in a bind because the VA is not able to pay out fast enough for the University’s liking.

Rather than re-type everything here that goes along with some other postings, I urge you to check our Alex’s blog entry about it and his first hand experience at


Of course my buddy CJ had some comments on this too, over at the blog.


If you are a soldier or a family member of a soldier who is planning to use these benefits, I strongly encourage you to read those postings and do some research on the web about this. There are local news stories popping up all around the country highlighting these problems. You need to set your expectations as to how long it could take to get the money.

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  1. Thanks for writing this. I’ve never tried to get the word out on something like this, but it has to get out to some representatives and senators. One of the most distressing things to members of the armed services is financial worries. On top of everything else, the job itself, the deployments, the time away from family…worrying about money adds to much.

    They have to do better. I used the old GI Bill and never had any issues. I don’t see why they can’t get back to that efficiency.
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  2. I’ve heard both good and bad. My guess (and that’s all it is) is that the VA is simply overwhelmed. A few things to consider

    * This is a massive change in operating procedures for the VA – every state has different payout rates in fact it even goes down to the zip code of the school as opposed to 1 payment for all under the old GI Bill. This has to be a paperwork processing nightmare
    * The VA is a GIANT bureaucracy that doesn’t respond quickly to change
    * The law just kicked in in August so the VA is scrambling to cope with all this change and the peak time of the year for processing claims at the beginning of a new school year.

    I think it’s just a convergence of a bunch of things at once and it’s overwhelming the VA. Very little of this is the VA’s fault. They can only work with what is given them in terms of resources. Some of the horror stories I’ve read were the vets fault for not doing the legwork at their end with the school

    I used the old GI Bill and had to get a waiver for the 10 yr time limit – they were SUPERB in handling all of my payments and claims and the waiver flew through in just a few weeks I was flabbergasted.

    I say hold off on judging them too harshly – give it some time for the kinks to be worked out.

    That’s just my 2 cents

  3. After using the older version of the GI Bill when I started school last year, I really didn’t have too many worries about switching over to the new one. The promise of paid tuition and book stipend were selling points for me. Well, here I am, 1 month after starting school (not to mention 2 months after sending my enrollment verification in), and I have yet to see my tuition get paid, nor my book stipend or housing allowance. I understand this must have been a huge change for the VA, but there is no excuse for being this far behind when they have had over a year to prepare for the switch. Plus, this could have been a great chance to give some of the unemployed in this country a temporary job. It is pretty obvious that they were nowhere near prepared. Hopefully they can get their affairs in order so they don’t keep too many people waiting. I’m in enough financial trouble as it is, I can only imagine what the situation is with those of us out there that might not have had a nest egg to fall back on…

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