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Last night was the 6th and final taped episode of Special Ops Mission starring 15 year Ranger and Pararescuemen Wil Willis. CJ and I interviewed Wil a while back for you served radio and then I wrote about the interview and posted a link at I then wrote a review of Special Ops Mission at

Those two postings have been some of the most popular and most searched on my site over the last few months. There are a lot of people who appear to like the show and are interested in Wil. Well I have good news for you fans, you can now become a fan of the Special Ops Mission & Wil Willis Fan Club United! Facebook Group. Wil himself is a member and is pretty quick in answering people’s questions, comments, etc. If you like the show, I suggest clicking on the Group name above and becoming a fan.

Now that the first 6 recorded episodes are over, I guess there are talks with the Military Channel about the topic of creating another season of the show or not. You can help with convincing them to continue with the show by voicing your opinion.

Some of the contact info to let the decision makers know how much you like the show.

Deborah Gottschalk

David Schaefer
Director, Communications

Kristin Brown
Vice President, Communications

When we interviewed Wil over at You Served Radio, the people at Military Channel were nice enough to send us a special Screener DVD for us to review. This DVD is a one of a kind. It has two episodes on it; AT SEA Episode 1: Aviation – Final Cut and the other is SPECIAL OPS MISSION Episode 1: Operation Urban Terror – Final Cut.

This series is not available for sale yet. We have been given permission to auction off the DVD in order to raise money for this month’s benefactor, Soldier’s Angels. This auction runs through next Thursday (Sept 24th). So here is your chance to grab a one of a kind DVD and in turn help out a great organization like Soldier’s Angels.

You can check out the auction at

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  2. Reply

    I absolutly love the show special ops mission and wil willis. I my father, my brother, and father-in-law all love the show. I implore the decision makers with the network keep on making the show. I am just an average joe that loves the show. There is absolutly nothing at all else like it. Please! Keep it going!

  3. David Good


    love the show Wil willis is the boss. i think many other veterans enjoy the show as well , everyone that has watched this show with me enjoyed it. i would like to see more episode’s, as well as i want to get in on the action haha.

  4. lamar dixon


    you guys have to keep it twin bro and i are both hunters and just luv wil and the show.BIG…BIG…BIG FANS!

  5. ProfessorKiros


    I enjoy the show but for different reasons. i find it very hard to believe that a simple PJ that went to Ranger school is capable of handling those types of missions against anyone who’s worth a damn.

  6. matthew korcz


    i stumbled across the show on the military channel by accident.. this show IS the greatest ever, hands down. it exciting as all hell to see Willis light people’s asses up. they REALLY need to promote this show more! it’s f’n baddass. Wil is the perfect solider for this show.

  7. Bryan


    Special Ops Mission is the best show…DO NOT CANCEL IT !!!!!!
    Wil Willis is the f’in man !!!! One of the best shows on the military channel ! keep the episodes coming !!!!!!!

  8. Cristal


    bring the show back for another season — its an opportunity for the public to see special forces skills and training at work.

  9. Michelle


    Wil Willis is the funniest military guy I have ever watched!!! Just finished the episode where fire ants get on his feet and some giant bug almost lands on his head Ha Ha Ha!!! Loved the line he gets lost a lot and really needs his maps! Keep the show coming please!!

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