Awesome Videos from July 4th Attack on COP Zerok

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This is probably one of the best, if not THE BEST videos I have seen come out of country. This will make you proud, sad and in awe all in one video. This is from a famous battle that happened on the Fourth of July. I wrote about this attack and have the pictures up of the two paratroopers who lost their lives that day in this blog posting,

Little did I know at that time, that they were both brave mortarmen which is what I was all of my career and little did I know what brave and awesome things PFC Casillas did on that day. He was truly performing heroically trying to save his fellow soldier and friend. He gave his life doing it. He more than deserves the Silver Star they have put him in for (posthumously). You will see in the videos below, both Casillas and Fairbairn working that 120 Mortar to get as much fire downrange as possible.

This video is professionally produced, but interlaced with a lot of soldier’s video footage.

Part 1 of the July 4th attack on COP Zerok

The second video highlights the desperation the men of Able Company of 1/509th had to prevent themselves from being overrun by calling “Alamo, Alamo, ALAMO”.

I know Zerok as does several guys that were on my ETT team (Prophet and Puss). In the video below you see an Apache gunship smoking a kulat and to the left of that kulat is a road. That road was the only way in the Zerok valley and one I have been on a few times. In the blog posting I wrote the other day ( I have a picture of a leader of the bad guys we captured in 2007.

Where this battle happened and where he (bad guy in photo being treated) was captured is just west of Zerok on the other side of the mountains. This bad guy was known to be tied in and work with the enemy in Zerok. I also wrote more about Zerok and how bad it was there for us and others in this posting,

Part 2 of the July 4th attack on COP Zerok

PLEASE watch both videos in order, please forward this posting to your friends, families, and co-workers. If you write a blog, point to it. All of America should know what our men are going through everyday while we get to enjoy hot dogs, parades, fireworks and beer.

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  1. By far the best 20 minutes of my day was spent watching these two videos.

    Although my work with BFS keeps me in frequent contact with soldiers in remote areas, there’s nothing quite like seeing it firsthand and hearing it in the soldiers’ own voices to gain a better understanding of what our troops go through every day.

    This is why we need to support them in every way we can– with our words, our thoughts, and especially our deeds! So let’s get off the couch & ship another care package, everyone! 🙂

    site admin, Books for Soldiers

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