Army to field New Uniforms for Afghanistan

The Army is set to field new combat uniforms to two battalions in Afghanistan next month in an effort to better equip combat troops fighting in the varied terrain found in that rugged country.

For years some Soldiers have complained about the current multi-environment Universal Camouflage Pattern, arguing that the toned down grey and green stood out in desert environments, rocky ridges and forested valleys found throughout eastern Afghanistan, where most Army units now operate.

The new camo schemes include the Crye Precision-made MultiCam and a new pattern designed by the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts.

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Hmmm, so glad we spent all that time and money on ACUs to just have them replaced so soon. In order to put this in perspective. We have had the ACU uniform for 5 years and it has went through 4 variations and is now being modified again for a 5th time.

We had the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) for over 20 years and only had one uniform modification.

We have had a Desert Uniform for 15 years and only had one change, the cookie chip pattern to the tri-color pattern.

My vote is for the multi-cam by the way. It gets the Bouhammer seal of approval.

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