Video Tribute to LT Brian Bradshaw

I have blogged about LT Brian Bradshaw many times on this blog. My readers have written in guests posts and the comments on the blogs about him have been more than I have ever received on any other posting.

I am so honored and flattered to have had this blog visited by dozens of Brian’s family and friends, to include his own parents.

The video below was produced by CBS and I think it is a great testament to not only Brian’s life but also how this country has become so misguided in its priorities.

NOTE-You may want a tissue handy before watching this.

A Day To Remember – watch more videos

Thank you to for hosting this video.

2 thoughts on “Video Tribute to LT Brian Bradshaw”

  1. I found it very disturbing that Michael Jackson’s death garnered so much attention and our fallen Heroes were not even given a mention in the news. I refused to turn on the TV or the radio while the circus surrounding the whole MJ funeral and all was going on. I followed DoD’s news releases to keep track of our Warriors who had given their lives during that period and posted them on Fallen Heroes, that they should never be forgotten. God bless this young man’s family as they mourn their loss.

  2. I am in the 1st and 501st. the same bat as Lt. Bradshaw. he wasa few of my close friends PL. He was a great man. very understanding and cared about his men more than himself. I wish the news would do a story on him. he is a hero. Its still a sad time in Geronimo land.

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